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MMLogic: A MultiMedia Logic Design System
Intuitive to use: VCR like controls, Drag and Drop, Tip of the Day,
Tool Tips, Comprehensive Online Help.
Interact instantly with your MultiMedia Logic circuits.
Learn an internationally recognized philosophy, Logic Design.
Supports networking over the Internet.
Supports a programmable Robot device.
It's also FREE.
MSWLogo: An Educational programming language
This implementation of Logo brings the power of Windows and Logo together.
Now supports 3 dimensional geometry.
This language will never cease in amazing you.
Combined with the Great Logo Adventure Book by Jim Muller, it's hard to beat.
It's also FREE.
V1Driver: iPhone App to help you be the Driver
Automatic GPS Lockouts (selectable bands)
Emulated Savvy Lockouts (selectable bands)
Alert Notifications with "Mute", "Lock" or "Snooze" acknowledgment
Alerts are iWatch compatible
Manual Mute (with automatic unmute from other bands)
K/Laser Snooze feature (for when stuck behind BSM or LEDs)
Live Map showing learning and unlearning process as V1Driver does it's thing
Live Alert status on the map (strongest threat only, mirrors V1 display)
Automatic reconnection to V1 with minimal battery usage
Compatible with Hardware version of Savvy and still be Band selectable
Bogie Map showing real time relative positions of "signals" on a 2D map
Signal Strength meter with higher resolution than 8 fixed levels.
Rate of Ramp Up on Main threat and each Bogey on the Bogey Map.
iCloud backup and Restore of your Data
Two Level Savvy Speed Setting (Startup and Quick Override) with automatic Reset and integrated current Speed
Extensive Data Filtering on the "Pin Map" to closer inspect what V1Driver is doing.
Delete unwanted individual or groups of pins or any "filtered" view directly on the Map.
View detailed information on any collected data point (Pin) from the Map
Automatic GPS Unlearn
"2nd Chance" review of Manual Lockouts by allowing user to delete them within 24 hr's before they become permanent
Savvy Warmup feature to allow GPS to get good lock but keep detector quiet in false dense areas (e.g. Parking Garage)
No User Manual needed, Integrated help on each control through out the app
Savvy Override GPS Learning, it can learn what you set your Savvy Setting to and reapply it on your next trip
User Settable GPS Accuracy Monitor.
Instant Replay that captures all events in real time all the time and can be played back at any time.
Live Histogram of your signal strength also shows signal strength on your route on the Map
AutoMute after user specified number of seconds (Per Band)
Support for Ku Band for European Users
Support for Hands Free Protocol
Cool Demo mode that uses the "Instant Replay" feature
Support for "White Areas", these are designated areas like Police stations
Text To Speech Band and Frequency

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